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I aspire to the following Credo, published by Warren Bledsoe on July 27, 1966:


“Credo Ascribed to Certain Masters of the Art of Teaching Blind People”

I hold the art of teaching blind people how to perform without sight among the highest callings which a human being may answer with his life. If at any time, through my own infirmity, or to fill a power vacuum, the day comes when I must become a mere executive, supervisor or administrator, I will remember that, no matter how it seems to the worldly, the true apex of work for the blind is personal service in direct contact with blind people, and that all organized work for the blind has no other end but this, as fully and well-performed as available knowledge permits.

During the years when it is my privilege to practice the art, I will do my uttermost, not only to extend my own effectiveness, and the effectiveness of others, but also to devise ways of imparting efficiency with all the tact and kindness of which I am capable, bearing in mind that the most cherished attribute a person has is his self-esteem, based on a sense of worth, the quintessence of which is independence.
I will keep in mind that a severe handicap, particularly in its early stages or if it goes for a long time untended, requires that an individualĀ be a constant recipient of so much help that the burden recurrently seems intolerable, and that my actions and attitudes should never increase this burden by any kind of ostentation in my bearing toward my work or blind people. Without morbid self-effacement or subservience, I will avoid any form of encroachment upon the individuality of those I serve, especially subtle usurping of credit for their performance.

I will keep my emotions in such order that I will not seek exceptional satisfaction from relationships with those I help, and will steadily perform in such a way as to encourage them to rely on and be preoccupied with those persons it is most natural and desirable for them to know and to love.

To my working hours I will give the most complete attention of the most creative kind of which I am capable, dwelling constantly on every practicality which can render a human being without sight a person of value in his own eyes.

I will guard my tongue and my time, but give generously my knowledge and experience to others who are also devoted to this art which is my calling.
I will reserve my scorn for those who aspire to be my colleagues without true respect for the calling, who are cynical toward all these things in which I believe, and without diligence and care in performing their duties. These I will relentlessly harry out of the field by open and aboveboard strictures and sanctions without any regard for influence which such persons may muster to counterattack.

I will not spoil blind people, or encourage them to become mere charming enslavers of those around them. I will look to the long view in helping them, not to ease of the moment. But I will stop short of making myself a compulsive taskmaster over the people whom I serve.

No matter how my battles go, once a conflict is resolved, I will put it behind me and rest and recondition my heart, mind, and body for further action.”

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