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Inge Durre, Founder and Owner of Braille et cetera

Certifications and Education:
Library of Congress Certified Braille Transcriber for Literary Braille: 1995
Certified Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI): 1995
Master’s Degree: Special Education, Severe Needs: Vision, with Emphasis in Rehabilitation Teaching: UNC, Greeley, Colorado, 1992
Bachelor’s equivalent: double major in English Literature and Language and Physical Education: University of Erlangen, with visiting semesters in Magee College, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, University of Heidelberg, 1972
Certified Translator, German-English/English/German: Bayrisches Ministerium fur Unterricht und Kultus, Munich, Germany, 1963
Fluent in English and German

Director, Arizona Instructional Resource Center, Foundation for Blind Children (FBC): 6/1994-6/2011
Rehabilitation Teacher: teaching independent living skills and adjustment to vision loss and blindness to children, youth, and adults, FBC: 1992-1994.
Braille transcriptions: 1989 to present: American English braille translations in a variety of subject areas, textbooks, workbooks, literary books, documents such as restaurant menus, company phone directories; greeting card overlays; award certificates, Morse alphabet, Braille Dictionary for Second Graders with side by side contracted and uncontracted braille; cooking recipes, print-braille children’s books, board game adaptations, etc.; Math braille transcriptions, including first grade Math book Excel Math 1, 2011; braille transcriptions in German braille 1979-1984.
Braille teaching, formatting, proofreading, and mentoring in all subject areas for a large number of volunteers and on-staff transcribers; including braille design of large tables for doctoral dissertation, picture dictionary for beginning braille readers; Sudoku puzzles; creation of tactile diagrams, maps; etc.: since 1995

Braille and print proofreading: a variety of texts: 1994-present

Parent of a blind child, now accomplished adult scientist: 1972-present

German-English translations: a variety of documents: 1963-present

American English proofreading and editing: a variety of texts: 1994-present

Proofreader for all outgoing publications for FBC; Chairperson, Publications Committee, FBC: 1997-2011
Publications: About English Braille American Edition and the braille code and its contractions.

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