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Custom print to braille and braille to print translation, documents of all kinds such as letters, braille greeting cards, braille business cards, braille restaurant menus, braille awards certificates, product instructions, user manuals, day-to-day worksheets, course syllabi, product catalogs, lists and tables, services directories, company phone directories, hotel directories, hotel room service brochures, staff rosters, meeting agendas and minutes, bus schedules, bank statements, utility bills, journal and magazine articles, cook books; workbooks; literary books; braille transcriptions for purchase, such as Sudoku puzzles, Morse Code in braille [link products to Products page?].

Types of braille transcription provided:

Contracted braille and uncontracted braille; literary, textbook format, elementary Nemeth braille code; teaching braille reading and writing to sighted and blind readers.

Braille output:

Available in electronic braille using Braille2000, ASCII, or in hard copy braille, page sizes 8 1/2 x 11 inch size page (28 cells per page maximum, 25 lines per page maximum) or 11 x 11 1/2 inch size page (40 cells per page maximum, 25 lines per page maximum), single and double-sided (also called Interpoint) page format as requested.

Print and braille editing and proofreading:

Braille editing and proofreading: all types of literary braille documents according to BANA standards before you disseminate your documents
Print proofreading and editing: all types of documents including web content before you print or publish your materials to avoid typographical, grammatical, and content errors

Adjustment to Blindness Counseling:

Assessment of individual needs; assistance with referral and sign-up for services as needed; teaching best use of residual vision, explanation of eye condition and its implication; re-teaching a can-do attitude; independent living skills training; setting up a reading service; assistance with processing mail, check-writing, running errands alone or with client; rides to and from airport, doctor’s appointments; walking companion.

Independent Living Skills Training:

Personal organization for children and adults and their families; service will be individualized based on client’s level of residual vision, personal preferences and results of a comprehensive needs assessment; new skills may include clothes labeling by color; labeling and use of phone and remote controls; organization of address book; personal hygiene; organization and labeling of medications, foods, spices, documents; labeling of kitchen appliances; doing laundry; organization of cabinets and pantries, closets, garage, attic; house cleaning; teaching braille and the maximum use of residual vision; sign-up with audio books service; etc.

Information, Resource and Referral Service: For blind and visually impaired persons and their families

German-English and English-German Translation: Letters and documents to and from the German language.

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